The Shaheen Hockey Invitational Tournament will be held on 27-28 June 2015. The first day will be for ladies and the second will be for mens. Stay tune for more information.
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Summer Program Certificate Presented

Student's who participated in our Summer Development Program received their certificate during our Christmas training yesterday. As most of the students now enjoying their holidays or out of town, we only presented around 50 certificate. While the rest will contact later for their collection. We are planning to host more program in 2008.

(Posted on 31st Dec. 07)


Farewell to Henrik!

Men's A team player Henrik Oskar Schleicher completed his studying in Hong Kong University and will be leaving HK over the weekend. Henrik played for us as visiting players and also scored a goal against KCC A weeks ago. Couple of Men's A team players arranged a farewell dinner for Henrik yesterday at a curry house in Chung King Mansion. It was his first curry dinner since his arrival in August. During the dinner, captain Asghar present a Shaheen's flag and a 25 th Anniversary key-chain to Henrik. We wish him all the best in his studies and of course, looking forward for his future visit to Hong Kong.

(Posted on 27th Dec. 07)


Help Me To Find My Bike!

It's sad to learn that Alfonso lost his darling bike where he parked at Bowlington Street, Wanchai couple of days ago. Anyone who by chance locate his bike, please let us know.

(Posted on 27th Dec. 07)


Christmas Training Dates

Pleas note that Shaheen book some pitches for training during Christas holidays: 27th Dec (Thurs) 10.30hrs - 12noon and 8pm - 10pm, 28th Dec., (Fri) 10.30am - 12pm & 8pm - 10pm and 30th Dec (Sun) 2.30pm - 6pm all at King's Park. We have toal of 6 session, we know it'a holiday but booking of grounds is always problem, so please note down and enjoy hockey while having your Christmas holiday. You may receive Christmas sweets, cookies or puddings during time of training. HAVE FUN!

(Posted on 12th Dec.)


Good Start For Shaheen's Youth

Shaheen Youth team played their first game in the Youth League with a good start by beating Pakistan Assn. 2-1. With some of our players participated in the Mini & Youth hockey tournament which was held at Happy Valley, we could only played 9 players but that's enough to claim their victory.

(Posted on 9th Dec.)


Shaheen Remains Unbeaten

Shaheen Men's A team beat Valley A by 2-1in a very close game yesterday at King's Park. Both were the unbeaten team in the Premier League and any team who lost three points will surely affect the championship in the three round league.

Valley took the lead 1-0 at half time but Shaheen need second half to settle down when Farooq equalized one all in a hard short corners. Both teams missed chances not until Lu Peng boost up the game to score the winning game for Shaheen.  Valley remains top of the table in goal difference..

(Posted 30th Nov.)


Next Generation Looks After Next Generation

Shaheen will introduce a new team in December Shaheen Youth Team. Youth team is always our target but luck of administrators & coaches worried us a lot over the past years. After our summer program, we grant experience in administrations and coaching, we therefore, got confidence in starting a new Youth Team.

We also proud to have our 2 nd generation Felix as Youth Convenor, Kenneth , Frankie and Francis as coaches while Kitty and Amy will supervise the whole development of our 3rd generation. We appreciate their contribution and looking forward to see them playing at higher lever in the coming years.

(Posted on 23th Nov.)


I Will Be Back

It was a sunny day on the 11th of Nov 07 when I thought it would be
nice to go down to King's Park to watch my fellow teammates play against last year's champion, HKFC. It was long since the last time I've watched my team as a spectator from the stands. I felt quite happy to see everyone in our bright red color jersey warming up and getting ready for a big game. At that point I thought, ' How nice would it be if I could play with them today?'

Whistle was blown, the game started. I was waiting anxiously for the first goal. Unfortunately, it was scored against us. Instead of seeing unimpressed faces, I saw calmness on everyone's face and from that I knew we would perform well. I was very impressed with our counter attack goal which was scored in less than 2 minutes after club's goal. The teamwork and spirit of our boys were wonderful and amazing without anyone complaining at controversial decisions by the umpires.

I could see 100% commitment from all players, everyone was focused. Great improvement in teamwork and individual skills are the main reasons behind our big victory. I believe our team for this year has a great chance in competing for the championship and I look forward to play some exciting hockey again this season.

(Posted on 15th Nov.)


Hong Kong Finished Fifth in Asia Indoor Games

Hong Kong managed to beat host Macau on penalty shot out in the 2nd Asian Indoor Games to complete 5th position of the Indoor Hockey. Teams from Korea, Malaysia, Iran, Hong Kong, India and host Macau participated in this Games. The final, as expected, was a one sided game saw Iran beating Korea 8-0 to take the gold, while India beat Malaysia took the bronze in a very exciting game. Farooq Saeed, Asghar Ali, Fan Chuk Ming & Akbar Ali of Shaheen represented Hong Kong in this tournament. Photos taken after their last game against Macau on last Saturday.

(posted on 5th Nov. 07).


Champions Trophy in Kuala Lumpur

The Champions Trophy (Mens) will starts from 29th Nov till 9th Dec. 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For the first time there will be a total of 8 teams which includes Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Korea, Great Britain, Pakistan and host Malaysia to participate this Pre-Olympic tournament. There was quite many enquires for games schedule and infomation regarding the tournament, you can visit to answer your question. If you have question regarding hotel bookings, match tickets and airticket, please send you question to and will reply you with information.

(posted on 5th Nov. 07).


25th Year Annual Dinner's photos

For those who couldn't attend our annual dinner, you must heard that we show a short dvd during that night and now you have chance to view it. Simply click Video enjoy the memories of Shaheen!

(posted on 1st Nov. 07).


25th Year Annual Dinner's photos

The 25th Year Annual Dinner's link is now ready, simply go to Photos Gallery. Enjoy it!

(posted on 29th Oct. 07).


2nd Asian Indoor Games, Macau

We are proud to annouce that Farooq Saeed, Asghar Ali, Akber Ali and Fan Chuk Ming (Samuel) were selected to represent Hong Kong to play in the 2nd Asian Indoor Games (Hockey) which will begin from 26th Oct. Surely that Hong Kong team need our support, if you have time, do travel to Macau and support them. For ticketing & information please visit or click here for schedule. (Posted on 22th Oct.)

(posted on 24th Oct. 07).


November's Training Dates

Shaheen booked for training at Happy Valley (1) on 23th Oct, 13th Nov, 20th Nov, & 27th Nov all from 6.30pm -10pm. (All Tuesday's night). Please mark this on your dairy and attend the training.

(posted on 22th Oct. 07).

Relax, We Are Protected!

Medical is always a burden for our players when there is accident occured. Shaheen will be the first hockey club to provide Accidential Coverage Benefit for all our registed hockey players. For benefit information please click Members Privilege to view this great benefit offer to all of you by Shaheen!

(posted on 9th Oct. 07).


WAn Evening With China Ladies Team & Official

Since Wang Jiu Yan, Shaheen A ex-China player, arrived in Hong Kong for over 3 months as HK ladies coach. It's her first time to meet her husband Lu Peng (ex-China Men's team captain) during his short visit in Hong Kong. They were pictured at a Japanese restaurant in Jordan, the smiling faces of Jiu shows how happy she is.

(posted on 28th Sep. 07).

25th Anniversary Dinner

We are pleased to announce that the 25th Shaheen Anniversary Dinner will be held on 30th Sept. (Sunday) at Viceroy Restaurant, 2/F., Sun Hung Kai Centre, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Information regarding already sent out to all players earlier, please reply to your captain for your attendance. During the dinner, there will be presentation of awards (internal & external), entertainment, lucky draw and most important - it's really cheap this time! Shaheen's committee looking forward in seeing you all during this meaningful night of Shaheen!

(posted on 19th Sep. 07).

WAn Evening With China Ladies Team & Official

What a big day for Shaheen on 3rd Sep. 07! Shaheen invited the China National Ladies players and official for a dinner reception which at first it might never happen. We also glad that all players and official turn up for the dinner while they were participating in the 6th Women's Asia Cup Hockey Tournament which was held between 1st - 9th Sept. 07. Shaheen were invited to visit China for more friendly games as well as development. We will be working with them closely in the future. Pictures shows Rinky & Jacqualine receiving souvenirs from Ma Yi Bo (left, captain of China) & Zhou Wan Feng on behalf of Shaheen. For group video please click Video on left.

(Posted on 14th Sept. 07)

Wai Wai helps HK to beat Chinese Taipei

Hong Kong Ladies beat Chinese Taipei by 2-1 after leading 2-0 at half-time at the 6th Women's Asia Cup here in Hong Kong tonight. Wai Wai deflected the ball into the net after a direct shot from short corner in assisting Hong Kong to claim their first victory. Hong Kong will meet Thailand in the placing for 5-8 position. A win for Hong Kong will ensure at least 6th position. We do hope that Hong Kong could remain their spirit and aim for 5 th position.

(Posted on 5th Sept. 07)

Amo, Swalikh & Samuel off to India

Amo, Swalikh & Samuel left for India on Tuesday representing Hong Kong in the Asia Cup Hockey Mens Championship. Traveling with them from Shaheen were Farooq as manager and Alfonso as Asst. Coach. With the retirement of Sanachi & Asif, we are glad to see Samuel being selected to participate in this important hockey event. We also like to send our best wishes to our Hong Kong Team! 

(Posted on 1st Sept.)

Wai Wai, Suet & June for Hong Kong in Asia Cup

We are proud to annouce that Wai Wai, Suet & June were selected to represent Hong Kong in  The 6th Asia Womens Hockey Champion which will starts on this Saturday (1st Sept.). Our 'Angels' also played against New Zealands ladies team last week. We wish them and the Hong Kong ladies every success in this important tournament.

(Posted on 27th Aug. 07)

6th Asia Womens Asia Cup in Hong Kong

The 6th Womens Asia Cup will be held from 1-9 September 2007 at Kings Park, with nine teams participating this biggest ever womens hockey tournament held in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is placed in Pool B with Korea, Chinese Taipei and Japan while in Pool A, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Three of our Shaheen's ladies selected in representing Hong Kong to play in this tournament. They are Wai Wai, Suet & June. For information on schedule/fixtures, please visit Please come and support our Hong Kong ladies.

(Posted on 24th Aug.07)

Shaheen Mens B Macau's Trip

Shaheen Mens B Team visited Macau over the weekend to play 2 test match against Macau. With the tempature of over 34C, we lost both games with ?-1 & ?-0 (forget about the result!). The best part of the trip was while they were on board the ferry return to Hong Kong. You can see Lok's sleeping but you must view the video 'Sleeping in Ferry'. REAL FUN!

(Posted 6th Aug. 07).

New 'Kids' for Hong Kong

Ng Shiu Chung & Frankie Lau Chung Hin represent Hong Kong last week to play a test match against School Sport Australia. Both Frankie and Chung played their first time in Hong Kong jerseys and they were joined with Amo and Zaki. We wish them both every success in their hockey career.

(Posted 11th July 07.)

Shaheen's Summer Hockey Program Started

Shaheen's summer hockey program started on 3rd July and will last until 16 August (total of 14 session). There were 44 students joined our Level 0 course and 64 students in Level 1 course. This is the first hockey program run by Shaheen and the response was out of our expectation. The program is under the leadership of Amo (Head Coach), Kitty (Asst. Head Coach), they were supported by our well experienced coaches Alfonso, Samuel, Kenneth, Frankie, Amy, Natalia, Wai Wai. Our aim for this program is to develope a new mini and youth team for our future development. We thanks to all our coaches for taking their time to support this program.

(Posted 11th July 07.)


HKFC Indoor League

Shaheen mens team will be taking part in this year HKFC Indoor League under the name of 'Yellow Submarine'. The tournament will be starting from 18th June at HKFC Indoor Hall. For information of the tournament on teams, fixtures etc., please click the logo. This is a very fast game and our boys are looking forward in seeing you to support them.

(Posted on 7th June. 07)


Family Hockey Fun Day

Shaheen will host a Family Hockey Fun Day on both July 14th and 21st (both Saturday) 6pm - 8pm to attract more family to have fun and know more about hockey. In promoting this two important dates, Lands Department accept our application on hanging our program banner on five spots in Yaumatei (above photos), so if you pass by Yaumatei don't be surprise when you see our banners there. We also like our members to invite their friends who have children from age 3 years and above to join our Family Hockey Fun Day but remember to bring their parents as well.

(Posted on 29th May 07)

Ladies Knockout Final's Photos

To recall some great moments of Shaheen Ladies A team during the Knockout final's or more photos, you can now visit Photo Gallery.
(Posted on 28th May 2007)

Ladies did it again!

Our Ladies team did it again! Shaheen Ladies D Team won the 5th Division One Day Tournament on Saturday (12th May). All the participated teams played in a round-robin basis and our D Team girls were the top of the table. This is the 4 silverware collected by our 'Angels' to end season. Well done the D's and also to all the girls, do keep your spirit for the coming season.

(Posted on 10th May 07)

Doubles for Shaheen Ladies A

Congratulation's to Shaheen Ladies A Team and thanks for their hard work in this season 2006-2007. Shaheen Ladies A won 2 very important silverware this season. First is the Knockout Cup Tournament and the 2nd one is 1st Division Championship. Shaheen Ladies A is the 1st All-Chinese players team to receive this 2 important trophies in the same year. They are also the 1st Chinese player team winning the 1st Division Championship. Finally, we would like to express our sincere thanks Akbar Ali (Amo) for his hard work in coaching our Ladies A. We hope Amo and the 'Angels' could keep the spirit, and momentum as long as they can.

(Posted on 10th May 07)

Shaheen At Parents Journal Expo 2007

Over the weekend, Shaheen had participated in the 6th Parents Journal Education and Family & Home Expo 2007 which was held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, and it was a great success with over 300 visitors visited our booth. The aim is to promote our summer hockey program, Our Level 0 program attracts many parents, who signed immediately for their kids as their summer acitivites. Both our Level 0 and Level 1 program now left very limit space, we may have a chance to have waiting list for our 1st Summer Program.
Pictures above shows Asghar (Sanachi) Nawab (B-Gor) and Ahmed in front of our booth. Click Video and you can also watch our stage promotion as well as workshop promotion.

(Posted on 8th May 07)

Gryphon-Shaheen Hockey Development Program 2007

Shaheen will be hosting it's first summer program in coming July and August, the program divided into two levels i.e. Level O and Level 1. Level 0 is for children age between 8 - 12 with no experience in playing hockey while Level 1 is for age between 12-15 years played before in mini-hockey or youth hockey. We are proud to have a strong coaching team which includes Alfonso Cordero, Akber Ali, Asghar Ali and Kitty Yau, plus some of our experienced development assistant coach. For information about the course, please click our group banner's photo. We also like to thanks Gryphon in sponsoring our hockey equipment and accessories for the program.

(Post date 1st May. 07)

Shaheen in Expo

Shaheen Sports Club will be participating in The Parent's Journal 6th Education Expo and Family & Home Show which start on this Saturday till Sunday. We will be promotiong our club and our summer program during the expo. This is the first time Shaheen participating in such expo and we need your support. Please bring your families and friends to support us and the show. There will be lots game, education booth, sports booths and many more..... We reserved many tickets for Shaheen members, if you need ticket, please email to

(Post date 1st May. 07)


Kung Hei Fat Choy & Training

Cheng Wai Yee of Shaheen Ladies A & Ringo Wang of Mens B Team wishes all of us a Happy Chinese New Year and every success in 'The Year of Pig '. They also like to remind us while enjoying holiday, don't forget that we had booked pitches for training at King's Park. Dates are 21/2 (Wed) 8pm-10pm, 22/2 (Thur) 6pm-10pm & 23/2 (Fri) 6pm-10pm all at King's Park. Let's celebrate the start of a Lunar New Year together. (Post on 15th Feb. 07)


Shaheen Ladies A team
Shaheen Ladies A team won the Ladies Knockout Cup in the final by beating HKFC A 1-0 to win their first major trophy after promoting to 1st division. It was their first time to reach the final and our girls played their best to claim the first silverware. More photos will be posted in the Photo Gallery. (9th Feb 2007)
Salute To B-Gor
He represented Hong Kong for 1978 Bangkok Asia Games, 1982 Delhi Asia Games, 1986 Seoul Asia Games, 1990 Beijing Asia Game and 2001 9th Guangzhou All China Games. He played over 30 years high level of hokey in Hong Kong (from 1st Division to now Premier League), who is he? He is our 'Evergreen' Nawab Din Ziez known as B-Gor to all of us. B-Gor played for Shaheen since it established in 1982 and with his committment to us, Shaheen grown from day one till now. Thank you B-Gor and looking forward for your continue contribution.
Mens A v HKFC A
This Sunday our Mens A team will meet HKFC A 4.30pm at HKFC ground. After 2-2 draw against Pakistan Association A last Sunday, our A team need to win all remaining matches for their title race. While we welcome back Zaki, we will be still missing Alfonso and Asif both still injuries, and also Mustafa who received a red card last game. (Post date 1st Feb. 07)
Mens B v KCC D
If you wake up in the morning and feel nothing to do. Do drop down to KCC as our Men B team will play against KCC D 9am. After losing 0-2 in the previous encounter, our boys is aiming for a sweet revenge but make sure you all sleep early and wake up early. (Post 1st Feb. 07)
Mens B v KCC D
If you wake up in the morning and feel nothing to do. Do drop down to KCC as our Men B team will play against KCC D 9am. After losing 0-2 in the previous encounter, our boys is aiming for a sweet revenge but make sure you all sleep early and wake up early. (Post 1st Feb. 07)
Playing against KCC D at KCC this weekend
After a serious injuries in October last year, Ali Asghar (Sennachi) will be back in action again. He will be traveling with our Mens A team  to Taipai Island, Macau this Sunday to play against Macau. We welcome him back in action again but they will be missing Alfonso and Asif as both were injured during the Doha Asia Games. They will be replaced by Geoff Lam and Wong Chun Wa (Jump Jump) from B team. Mens B team will be playing against KCC D at KCC this weekend.